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Global Antiaging

15 ml- 40 €

Benefits and specificities:

This treatment, fragrance-free, with a slight texture leaves a fresh feeling for a soothed, soft and strengthened eye contour. It is made from 9 plants, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid with antioxidant, tensor and beneficial properties.


Global Antiaging

30 ml- 62 €

Benefits and specificites

This nectar of care with silky texture can be used in addition to our other care or for treatment only, if the skin is particularly devitalized.

This highly strengthened treatment has been prepared from 8 plants with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, with antioxidant, tensor and beneficial properties.


Global Antiaging

50 ml-58 €

Benefits and specifities

This treatment is smooth, easy to apply and based on 8 plant extracts recognized for their anti-aging properties, containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It fights against signs of aging and acts on the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It penetrates the epidermis easily and leaves no greasy film. It has antioxidant, tensor and beneficial properties. To be applied morning and night. For enhanced action it should be combined with our serum.

Everyday care fluid

1st signs of aging

50 ml-45 €

Benefits and specifities:
This daily care fluid is perfect for young(er) skin to delay and prevent the onset of signs of aging. This emulsion is fresh when applied, with a rapid absorption and is particularly suitable for skins that do not suffer from dryness or skin dehydration. It is made with 6 plants known for their moisturizing, beneficial and antioxidant properties.<br />


1st signs of aging

50 ml-50 €

Benefits and specifities:
Complete care with shea butter, not overloaded with fat, it brings comfort to normal skin that tends to be dry or subjected to cold winter without stifling your skin. It is made with 7 plant extracts. It can also be used during the winter to reinforce or replace the daily care of our range.



Our beautycares are the quintessence of the rare and precious plants of Persia. In partnership with a French laboratory we delicately infused the best of the plant assets and principles of Persian medicine for natural and anti-aging cares. A demanding formulation to combine respect for the environment and your health while being faithful to traditional Persian rituals.

Our care is designed in the image of today’s women, eco-responsible, innovative and effective.

Our cosmetic principles and our anti-aging care reinforce your youth capital day after day and prolong your beauty for a long time. Andishée makes time your ally. Such as a caravan on the ancient Andishée Silk Road explores for you the best of the culture of beauty of Persia.


  • animal derivative or GMO free
  •  alcohol (ethanol) free
  • parabens free
  • phenoxyethanol free
  • silicone / mineral oil or from petrochemicals  free
  • colouring  free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cruetly free
  • Low in preservatives


Saffron, uncontested queen of spices is rich in flavonoids, with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the natural state … The saffron, rare and precious, also contains beta carotene in large quantity guaranteeing an immediate good effect. Thanks to the presence of its two active agents, crocine and safranal, saffron is also a hypotensive. Acting on the cardiovascular system, it strengthens the skin and restores its radiance.

Pistachio is a fine and silky oleaginous that contains treasures for the skin. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vegetable sterols and flavonoids with antioxidant properties, pistachio is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It nourishes, soothes and softens the skin. It also acts on pigmentation, by slowing down the production of melanin, capable of gradually erasing skin imperfections of redness and brown spots. Pistachio oil penetrates easily and is suitable for all skin types. It has great power to soothen your skin and diminish imperfections and stains.

Our other botanical treasures: Pomegranate, Morello Cherry, White Jasmine, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Asian white rice, sunflower, shea …



Persian medicine is one of the oldest medical schools of humanity. It appears from the genesis of the Persian Empire, some 2500 years ago.

The ancient Persian civilization gave great importance to personal hygiene and that of public space. This medicine gave birth to one of the greatest scholars of all time the great Avicenna. Our formulation is based on the balance between hot and cold elements, which is the guiding principle of Persian diet and Persian health.

Andishée is an invitation, to a new world. We will make you discover step by step, a magnificent phytotherapy millennium that relies on a unique terroir. Our journey will take you to the orchards and gardens of the dazzling Isfahan and the eternal Shiraz, not ignoring the natural splendours of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.


Yasmine Valipour, the founder of Andishée, has always been fascinated by the traditions of Persian beauty, an integral part of her origins. These remedies in connection with nature and ancestral medicine have lulled his childhood. It is a whole series of living and incarnated rituals that have been transmitted to him through his family history.

Rich in this cultural heritage, Yasmine has decided to be its ambassador and to promote it throughout the world.
By revealing the culture of Persian beauty, Yasmine also pays tribute to women, who have marked her childhood with their grace and subtlety.

Finally, for Yasmine, the charm and beauty of a woman are nourished by her inner journey and her greatness of soul. Choosing the word Andishée, meaning thought in Persian, appeared to be obvious to name his mark.

To share the virtues of the fabulous plants of Persia, which adorn palaces, gardens and orchards, is Andishée’s commitment.



The wonderful Denitsa IKONOMOVA is our great muse. She is inspiring us with her strength and natural beauty. She is the perfect example of the modern woman powerful and generous.


The greates women magazines appreciate and love Andishée for the quality and the originality of its anti-aging cares.


Among top 3  Madame Figaro Beauté Stars 2017


Beauty addicts as well as moms and working women bloggers love the spirit of our brand and its founder. These women bloggers who resemble you and inspire us.



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Andishée est une marque de soins de beauté inspirée des richesses naturelles et de la culture de la beauté persanes. Andishée infuse les merveilleuses plantes de la Perse dans des produits de beauté brevetés, élaborés à l’aide de l’expertise française.
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